Southern Villages

Village Hopping in Southern France

The South of France is a wonderful area: with the Mediterranean right at your doorstep, the climate is quite nice even in the winter. We were there in December, and the afternoon temperature never dipped below 10* Celsius or 50* Fahrenheit. Being from Calgary where the December temperature can get to    -40*C/F, 50*F is quite comfortable.  The South of…

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You can take our parking, but you’ll never take OUR WHISKEY!

Leaving England was bitter sweet: on one hand we were leaving England behind, but on the other hand we were exited to be in Scotland. It’s not like once you cross the border from England to Scotland there are bagpipers serenading you as bonny lasses cheers you with scotch. The transition is pretty gradual really, but as you go further…

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Living Like Lords and Ladies with Manors, Manners, and Museums

Last week’s post talked about the train museum in York. Driving across country and visiting the museum took up most of the first day, so we decided to relax a bit in our hotel after, in lieu of exploring more. When you have a stunning hotel & spa retreat like Redworth Hall Hotel, it makes relaxing much easier. Dating all…

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I Dream of Steam, She Wanted to Scream

I kid…. well maybe a little bit. I’m talking about Adriane my wife. No she wasn’t mad, although she was a little bored. She dragged me to the Harry Potter Tour, I drug her to the National Railway Museum. Although I have to say I enjoyed the Harry Potter Tour, more than she enjoyed this, but alas. So this post…

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Victorian Piers, Edwardian Castles, and Breathtaking Views

Although we booked 2 nights in Llandudno, we really only spent a day because of the time we spent on Snowden, which you can read about in my previous blog post here. We stayed at Rosaire Guest House, another fabulous B&B. It is a shame we didn’t book more days as I would really have liked to spend more time…

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How to get lost with a SatNav, & why spelling is important!

Ah North Wales! From the moment we left England and entered Wales, the difference was obvious. Well, that may be because we entered through Chirk. There are many ways to enter Wales, but none more grandiose than the entrance through Chirk. The border between the 2 countries is separated by the impressive Chirk Viaduct and Aqueduct. The Aqueduct came first,…

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